Hans Van Dyck is a Fashion Designer and Luxury Brand Specialist based somewhere in Europe (I tend to move around a lot).


He has a strong passion for luxury goods and services and is always on the look for what defines "luxury" in the 21st century.*

*Hint: it is not a marble & gold approach.


Rather than starting with a boring list of facts I was thinking of really telling something about myself:

I hate social media profile pictures, don't ever ask me for a selfie. I care about doing business in a socio-political correct way. In today's instant world I love a good long-term commitment and I am a strong believer of the European Union despite all it flaws because I owe 99% of my current life and career opportunities to it.

But am I difficult to work with? Not at all! Please contact me for that exciting, cool project that is brewing inside your mind so we can brainstorm while sharing a Fika.



I have a Bachelor of the Arts in Fashion Design (London), currently working hard on formalising my luxury goods passion via a Master in Luxury Brand Management (Milan). I also have certificates in Fashion Management (Paris) and Basic Business Management (Antwerp).



5 years of experience as Attaché Communications for the International Art Forum IAF. I helped Fashion Designer Phiney Pet set up her label and studio and supported her in developing her collections over a prolonged period of time. I worked my way through my fair share of long-term internships at Viktor&Rolf (Haute Couture Atelier), CuteCircuit and Meadham Kirchhoff amongst others.



Yep I'm only a twenty-something but I already have a medal! Pretty cool right?!
I was awarded with a Silver Cross of Merit by the Order of the Netherlands and the Hispanic World in May 2014 for my dedication in promoting, supporting, protecting and fostering the arts, creative industries and the socio-cultural domain.